Throughout Matt's life, there has always been an active passion for the great outdoors. As a young Pennsylanian boy, his dad and grandfathers would take him out fishing and later hunting to share their deep rooted respect and enjoyment for God's country.  It became very clear that their passion for the outdoors would soon develop his passion for it as well.

Also at an early age, Matt began creating pencil sketches and small drawings. His first drawings were made up of mostly superheroes and other comic book figures but as he grew more and more interested in the great outdoors, that is when the transition began to occur.  As he graduated High School, he decided to pursue his interest in becoming a wildlife artist. In fall of 2005, He began his first semester at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. In 2007, Matt finally learned how to paint for the first time. This opened up a whole new realm of wildlife art for him. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in the spring of 2009, his career journey began. Since then, he got married to his wife, Janna in June of 2013 and moved to North Dakota, where they currently reside. Matt and Janna enjoy visiting some of the beautiful inspiring places in the region such as Yellowstone, the Badlands, Banff, Jasper, and Jackson Hole.  Today Matt lives in Williston, North Dakota. He enjoys any chance he can get outdoors, whether that be by fishing, hunting, or hiking.